Month: December 2009

Geoffrey Parker’s Luxury Game of Style

I went to the Geoffrey Park Games Ltd. website in search of the highly anticipated William Morris bespoke backgammon set (which is not yet on the site) and instead discovered a world of highly stylized games. I was particularly intrigued by these multi-game cubes which feature 25 games in one and can double as an accent table. They are constructed of leather that is customizable by color and trimmed in stainless steel. Prices run between £11,200-£15,495.

Carole Waller

I was browsing through my archives of textile magazine Selvedge and discovered UK  artist Carole Waller .  She fuses color, light, textiles, glass, enamel and paint with either figurative or site specific imagery to make paintings which become glass installations, clothing, textile hangings, or live projects and collaborations. So brilliant!