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The Most Beautiful Parking Garage in America

The Michigan Theatre parking garage built in 1925 by Rapp & Rapp architects once existed as Detroit’s most extravagant concert house. The theater closed in 1967 as a result of declining attendance, and in 1976 it was converted into a 3 story parking garage as it stands today. To preserve the structural integrity of an attached office building, it was necessary for the shell of the original building to stay intact. Today, remnants of the magnificent Neo-Classical architecture remain surrounding the space. Upon glazing at the ceiling you can just about make out the holes where decadent 10ft chandeliers once hung. The unexpected juxtaposition of the ornate, gilded details against the cement floor and surrounding brick walls make it truly visually extraordinary. via The Coolist

The Eye of the Sahara

What seems to resemble an abstract painting is actually the eye of the Sahara desert photographed from above. The 31 mile wide bulls-eye referred to as the Richat Structure is believed to have been formed by erosion. The abstract beauty found in nature continuously astounds me. More often than not, we get so wrapped in our day to day lives that don’t realize the beauty of our surroundings that is right in front of us. via But Does it Float