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Markus Linnenbrink’s World of Stripes

Marcus Linnenbrink, a German born brooklyn based artist is known for his striking works of art composed of drippy, vivid streaks of color. His work ranges from the floors, ceiling, and walls of site-specific instillations to paintings and sculptures. Linnenbrink utilizes a special mix of dry pigment and water to create the drippy nature of the painted lines for which his work is best known. His impressive use of color and linear repetition tends to encapsulate the viewer manipulating the perspective of the interiors of the environment in which it exists. via Collosal Art & Design  

The Equus collection by Lladró

Lately I have been gravitating towards eclectic tabletop collections that verge the unconventional. I seek out unique pieces that make a statement, applying a collectors mindset to the art of the table. While browsing Fivestory, the new luxury concept boutique on the Upper East Side, I discovered Lladro’s Equus collection designed by Bodo Sperlein. Inspired by the beauty and elegance of the physique of horses, the collection repurposes horse heads and legs from old Lladro figurines to accent cups and bowls. By placing the elements in an unconventional context, Sperlein aimed to entice the viewers curiousity while drawing attention to the unmistakable craftsmanship of Lladro porcelain. Shop the collection at Artedona

Fast As You Can

I absolutely love the Fast Vase by Rosenthal. It is a part of the highly acclaimed Studio Line series that features design collaborations with innovative designers and artists from around the world. The Fast Vase won the Chicago Athanaeum Good Design Award in 2007 – one of the oldest and most renowned design prizes worldwide. Available at Unica

In United Nude We Stand

United Nude Step Möbius Boot Rem D. Koolhas, the nephew of architecture master Rem Koolhas has joined forces with shoe manufacturer Galahad Clark to form United Nude, a creative collective seeking to embrace the intersection fashion, design and architecture.  The latest result is an incredible line of shoes inspired by structural architecture of everyday objects.


        Sandra Backland is one of my favorite designers who blurs the line between art and design. Her line of knits are seriously jaw-dropping. She handcrafts each piece using heavy gage wool and a diverse range of techniques to create one-of-kind sculptural masterpieces. View more of her most recent collection here

Maison Martin Margiela Glass Slippers

Martin Margiela never ceases to amaze me with his thought-provoking designs that challenge the ordinary. He always keeps me wondering what will be next and yet again he has not let me down. Now you too can channel your inner Cinderella and live happily ever after in Maison Martin Margiela’s Glass Slippers.  They are being produced in limited quanities and are sold separately which makes sense as they are more likely to grace your mantle rather than your feet. Available at Maison Margiela Stores for HK$9,900 each or HK$19,999 for the pair. via coolhunting

Born to be Wild

Hussein Chalayan has designed an exclusive new tote bag featuring an endangered species animal motif to benefit the PPR Home project. HOME is a non-profit initiative with an aim to increase a greater awareness and sense of responsibility towards the planet. As part of the HOME project, PPR released the HOME movie directed by Yann Arthus-Bertand and produced by Luc Besson. The movie explores environmental issues effecting the world today. The movie can be viewed at All proceeds of the Hussein Chalayan HOME tote bag will be donated to GoodPlanet, Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s environmental organization.  The HOME tote is available exclusively online from Learn more about good planet at